Always the right tool

Our platform processes raw data and makes it interactive, dynamic and consistent for the end user.

Data processing – optimized for people

The societal benefits of utilizing data can only unfold when people are given clear and understandable access to them. Project Hive allows this by using the latest data processing technologies.

Our claim

Every detail counts

In the area of conflict between the demands of people and the possibilities of technology, we pursue a holistic approach.

  • Project Hive is designed as a product environment that aggregates functionality that would otherwise require several different tools.

  • Most users need data at the local level to implement projects in a sound manner.

  • The challenges of today encompass many different issues, from demographics to climate protection.

  • Analyses based on an outdated factual or legal situation can quickly become worthless. Automated data feeds keep you up to date at all times.

  • Not everyone is an IT professional. Therefore, our software is designed so that all functions are easily accessible and usable.

  • We guarantee compliance with all data privacy requirements. Your user data will not be shared, sold or misused.

Our plan

We're developing a product suite that meets all current software standards

Collaborative work, access from different devices via different clients (browser, desktop, mobile app), high priority on data privacy.

Our vision

Useful data for everyone

Outdated data is not a good guide, and analyses based on it quickly become worthless. But something is constantly happening that can sometimes fundamentally change the analysis horizon, be it unforeseen events changes in the legal or regulatory framework. We are tech-savvy, but we don't expect our users to be IT nerds.

  • For citizens

    Where do I stand on political questions? For example, does the use of renewable energy and electric cars really make sense?

  • For institutions

    How can large amounts of data be put into a congruent context to answer research questions more efficiently?

  • For companies

    How can business location decisions be made? How is the local market developing and what premises for action can be derived?