Better technology for everyone

Our driving passion is to unleash the democratic potential of technology. That's why we're working on accessible information management tools that enable us to promote fact-based discourse in our society.

Open data for the public

In a true democracy, people have a right to full access to information on all issues. This is the only way the development of a common political will can be possible. With our platform, numerous applications are conceivable that make this possible.

  • Public transport map

    Information basis for stakeholders, impact on business or residential environment.

  • Energy economy map

    Potential identification for RE, coherent overall concept, mediation of investors, owners, private individuals, monitoring.

  • Policy dashboard

    Information basis for voters, pre/post-election preparation, monitoring system with historical developments.

  • Construction project cadaster

    Presentation of all potential areas, vacant plots, etc. in the city. Information on land owners, state of the development plan.

  • Commercial space map

    Planning basis for the creation of industry clusters (e.g. data centers)

  • Soil sealing

    To curb urban sprawl a comprehensive digital masterplan is needed which can facilitate a compromise between urban planning and environmental concerns.